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  • What is QFX?
    QFX Events is an LGBTQ event production company that will create diverse, inclusive and accessible events that showcase creators, guests and fans from all platforms of queer media. We will be organizing many different types of events for the community so stay tuned!
  • Is QFX Events a nonprofit?
    NO. Because of insurance regulations and liability concerns that surround public events, we are registered as a limited liability company (LLC) and therefore cannot hold nonprofit status. We will, however, be working with several LGBTQ-focused charities at our events.
  • When and where is your first event?
    May 29-31, 2020 in Tampa, FL! We scouted a number of locations and took many things into consideration when choosing the city for our inaugural event. There are LGBTQ-focused conventions on the west coast and in the northeast, but there is currently nothing in the southern portion of the United States. Tampa also has a wonderful, tight-knit queer community that will offer affordability to our attendees. (And duh, Universal and Disney are both super close.)
  • Your first convention is called QFX East. Does that mean you will be moving around?
    Smart cookie you are. 10 points to Gryffindor!
  • Who can attend?
    Our events are for everyone regardless of race, age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation or any other marginalized identity. Unless you’re a jerk, then you are not welcome. Our code of conduct can be found here.
  • Will you have celebrity talent at your events?
  • When will tickets for QFX East go on sale?
    Thank you you for being excited about this, but also thank you for your patience while we fine-tune some specificals. We will be announcing ticket information later this month, with enough time between then and sale date for your planning purposes.
  • Is there a room block?
    Yep, sure is! We will be announcing our venue in the coming days, with room block information to follow. Make sure you have subscribed to our emails for some possible sneak peeks!
  • Who is behind QFX?
    QFX is curated and run by volunteers who have experience in event planning, A/V production and hospitality services. You can find out more about us on our team page.
  • I want to help! Can I?
    If you are interested in lending a hand as a year-round volunteer, we might have a place for you on our team! Please email us at Applications for our event-only volunteers will open later in the year.

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