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Virtual Artist Alley

This past week has seen the cancellation and/or postponement of various events, conferences and other business functions amid growing concerns surrounding COVID-19/Coronavirus. QFX knows how difficult those decisions can be to make and we respect the unimaginable pressure that comes with having to make those calls. 


While these cancellations disrupt entire audiences, vendors can sometimes suffer the most. For many, tabling is their full-time job and without the ability to participate in shows early in con season, their performance throughout the year can be greatly affected. 


While vendors do have funds tied up in table costs, losing out on the exposure that events provide is a far more severe impact of these postponements and cancellations. So, we have decided to create and provide a place where artists and content creators can still reach new audiences amid the COVID-19 situation. 


If you are an artist or vendor that has been affected by ANY recent show postponements or cancellations, we invite you to showcase your talents and wares on our site. Please fill out this form and, as submissions come in, they will be added to this page to offer you some additional publicity to potential consumers. 


We know we can’t solve all the issues that have come up in the convention community recently, but we hope this initiative is able to help those who are have been affected by the recent cancellations and postponements.

check out the talent below!

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