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QFX Staff Interview: Danni

Name: Danni

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Web Manager

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Twitter: @dannisaywhat

Tell us a little bit about yourself

British, obsessed with crisps and the way Catherine O’Hara pronounces literally anything in Schitt’s Creek. Bad at writing bios. I get weirdly upset over scuffed trainers.

How did you get involved with QFX?

I’ve known about QFX since its early days and believe in the core values and goals that QFX set out to achieve. It was absolutely a no-brainer to get involved. Being on a different time zone to the rest of the team is sometimes hard but SO worth it. I love my team.

There are a ton of conventions out there, some that do cater to the LGBTQ+ community, how do you feel QFX is different?

QFX is about supporting one another. All members of the QFX team have come from various backgrounds and have worked with other conventions/events. We’ve all experienced the good, the bad and the ugly with con-life, fandoms and so on. We’re here to put on a good show and demonstrate the importance of creating events that are enjoyable and inclusive of everyone.

Of all the guests that one could possibly ask for, who would you love to see or meet?

Too many to choose from however the one person that comes to mind is Bridget Regan. I missed my chance over a year ago and I haven't got over it since. :(

QFX has made it quite clear they are all about diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. What does this mean to you?

Achieving diversity is easier than a lot of people think, but making people feel actually welcome and included is where the focus needs to be. I’m proud of what QFX represents as a whole and the direction we are taking it in.

We’ve all heard the phrase “representation matters”, but it can ring hollow in our current times. What do you feel or think when you hear it?

I think about the younger me, who would have thought so differently about myself and how I was feeling, if representation had been reflected in the media as I was growing up.

If we were sitting in your living room, wanting to watch a show or movie, what are the top five you would recommend we binge?

Off the top of my head, these are my go-tos for a good binge-watch sesh:

  1. Schitt’s Creek

  2. 30 Rock

  3. Killing Eve

  4. Buffy

  5. Orphan Black

What are your favorite ships?

Help. These are in no particular order because that is an impossible task!

  • Cosima/Delphine (Orphan Black)

  • Luisa/Rose (Jane The Virgin)

  • Vanessa/Charity (Emmerdale)

  • Rachel/Quinn (Glee)

  • Cheryl/Toni (Riverdale)

  • Bo/Lauren (Lost Girl)

  • Anne/Ann (Gentleman Jack)

  • Eve/Villanelle (Killing Eve)

  • Petra/JR (Jane The Virgin)

  • Brittany/Santana (Glee)

  • David/Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

As the web manager, you were responsible for the hidden letter scheme to figure out the location. Where did that come from? Do you have anything else up your sleeves?

We like to make things fun round here! Full credit goes to Holly, one of our wonderful directors, for that idea though. Perhaps there are already some other hidden easter eggs on the website that you just haven’t spotted yet…

Name one thing you do (hobby, quirk, or something else) that people might find odd?

I hate scribbles on paper. If I’m writing on paper and I’ve made a spelling mistake that I need to scribble out, I will start again on a whole new piece of paper.

To game or not to game… Do you? If so, which systems and what is your favorite.

We love a (gay)mer! I am mostly active on my PS4 but I have a bunch of consoles. My favourite game series ever has to be Borderlands. I also used to be a major World of Warcraft nerd and I’m trying so hard to resist downloading WoW Classic because of work and commitments IRL.

You’ve said you like a ton of music, BUT what was your favorite concert you’ve ever attended?

Madonna Confessions Tour. Although I did see Steps, Vengaboys and Whigfield at a local festival to me last year. I love cheesy 90s pop!

You’re a Gryffindor, but that’s Universal/WB. I have to ask what Disney character would you be?

Olaf from Frozen. No doubt about it.

Final question, what do you hope people who attend QFX leave saying or feeling?

I hope everyone who attends QFX East 2020 feels safe, comfortable and loved in an environment that supports them for who they are. AND I hope they have such a good time that they want to come back the following year!

Thanks to Danni for always keeping the website running when she’s in a different time zone. She’s got an amazing ship collection and everyone loves Olaf, so follow her on Twitter @dannisaywhat and say hi!

**Until next time, this is Kimberly “this will all make sense when I am older” Amato, signing off.**

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