Panels and Workshops

Check out the Panels and Workshops featured at QFX East 2020! More details to be announced soon...


What happens when Batwoman's arch-nemesis and her ex-girlfriend hit the stage at QFX? With Rachel and Meagan in attendance, it's bound to involve some behind the scenes stories and a whole lot of fun.  

Guests: Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy

Hey, Alexa, What's Queer on TV Today?

Have you ever wanted to ask a device what queer shows are on TV that week? Maybe you want to ask it if an actor is out, or if there are any queer storylines on a certain show. You can do all of those things and more with the LezWatch.TV News Alexa Skill. Come see a demo of what the skill can do and geek out to the technology and data that makes it work. 

Speakers: Mika Epstein, Tracy Levesque and Nikki Tantum

Lost Girl: Ten Years Later

Lost Girl was groundbreaking television. Even after ten years, the battle of the ships remain: Doccubus vs Valkubus. Come join the cast in discussing memories, the impact of Lost Girl on current television and brunch!


Guests: Emily Andras, Erica Luttrell, Zoie Palmer, Anna Silk and Rachel Skarsten

Notes From The Hostel: Live

Notes From The Hostel is a podcast where a west coast twitter stan and an east coast fandom noob recap every episode of Marvel's Runaways in painstaking detail. Join Youstina and Nadia for a live recap which will feature important discussions about MILFs, trademark banter, and live questions from our audience!

One Day at a Time

A fan favorite saved from cancelation, One Day at a Time continues to showcase poignant storylines including Elena's coming out and Syd's non-binary status. Listen to Ariela, Isabella and Sheridan discuss the new season on a new network, the fight to save their show and much more.


Guests: Ariela Barer, Isabella Gomez and Sheridan Pierce

Pin and Pop Swap

Are you secretly part magpie and LOVE to hoard shiny things?  We'd like to offer our attendees a place to trade, swap or share their pin or pop collection. Other cool currency to bring to this meetup includes, but is not limited to: dice, magic cards, autographs and video games. Also, if you've created pins, bracelets or ribbons to hand out to fans throughout the convention, this is the perfect place to distribute them. Above all, please be polite and remember the rules of the con apply here as well.  Who doesn't love pop culture bartering?!

Marvel’s Runaways

The show might be over, but the legacy of Marvel's Runaways with its strong characters and powerful storylines remains. Come join the cast as we celebrate a show that allowed us to escape into a world where people could fly, shapeshift and send out a dinosaur for protection. 


Guests: Ariela Barer, Ginny Gardner, Lyrica Okano and Clarissa Thibeaux

WayHaught Uncovered: Facing Adversity and Finding Individuality

In this WayHaught-centric panel, we dive into Waverly and Nicole’s individual journeys to finding their place in Purgatory. Our purpose is not defined by where we come from. 

Guests: Emily Andras, Kat Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley


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© 2019 QFX Events, LLC. Site design by clickkly   |   Politica de Privacidad